Mathew's Twitter Policy.

I noticed a good friend Andrea Vascellari from the ArcticStartup Community has created a "Twitter Policy". I'm very much in agreement with it, and therefore, I have essentially stolen it and used it for myself. Credit to @vascellari (Andrea: I corrected some of the English grammar/sentence structure).

Due to an increasing number of spammers and a number of other twitter related issues I created this policy which applies to me, my twitter account and who decides to connect with me on twitter.

My account on Twitter:


  • you start to follow me and then un-follow without telling me why you stopped following me (you can let me know via DM direct message or through a tweet mentioning @mgcarley). Why? It's simple. I spend time in going through every request that I receive. I spend time in checking your profile, links, and tweets to understand who you are and if there's value in connecting with you. So, if I follow you back this means that I trust you. I trust the fact that you sincerely want to join the conversation with me. If you take my trust and you throw it away you don't deserve it and so I'll block you.
  • you are in MLM. Forced matrixes/matrices and pyramid systems don't work for most people. One should make money based on his own merits and output/sales skills, not by recruiting annoying friends and family in to joining "the plan". By contrast, affiliates or actual salespeople with genuinely interesting/useful products and real sales skills for a specific audience (in which I am included) are welcome (as I may like to employ you somehow). See my twitter bio as well as the next item.
  • you are an "internet marketer" (or guru, maven etc) pushing rubbish e-books or trying to "increase my twitter followers". I'd prefer genuine, organic growth and an audience that is interested in what I have to say
  • you are any other spam - especially those accounts with between 1 and 4 tweets saying something like "going for a swim" "back from a swim, I'm so horny" et al ad infinitum. I don't think I have to add anything to this.


  • after starting following me you send me a tweet @mgcarley to let me know that you connected with me (this is because in my Twitter settings the "new follower" email notifications are disabled).
  • you talk about topics that I find interesting, or otherwise related to what I do.
  • I see meaning in your tweets.


  • after starting following me you don't send me a tweet @mgcarley to let me know that you connected with me (this is because in my Twitter settings the "new follower" email notifications are disabled).
  • you don't have a link in your Twitter sidebar that points to your blog, site, Facebook/Linkedin profile: anywhere I can find additional information about you.
  • you don't have information in your Bio on the Twitter sidebar.
  • in addition to your usual tweets, you don't post interesting links, join the conversation with others through @ messages, and RT valuable content.


  • Again: grab my attention with @mgcarley tweets in case I didn't follow you back yet. I will notice you earlier and if you are an interesting person/brand I'll follow you back immediately.
  • be patient if you want to join the conversation with me. During certain periods I'm really busy, this means that I can't always check on daily basis the new following notifications I receive. So if I'm not following you back immediately please wait, again if you are an interesting person/brand, I'll follow you back as soon as possible.


  • Things related to my work.
  • Freedom of being able to express my opinions as you do yours.
  • Freedom of being able to express my opinions in the way that I see fit. If that involves the use of expletives, so be it.
  • I don't mind criticism so long as it's constructive. If you have nothing to offer (or no solution to a problem), fuck off.


  • Self-censorship: If you are offended by strong language, fuck off and feel free to unfollow me.
  • Your religious and/or political leanings. I have my own thoughts on these subjects and forcing your ideas down my throat is very much not welcomed. You have the right to your opinion, I have the right to mine. I have the right to question yours as much as you may question mine, but if I ask you about something (why do you like... what makes you think like...), I expect a straight answer - backed up with facts, if possible.
  • Internet Marketers/Buying Followers etc. Just fuck off.

I'm open to review this policy based on constructive criticism, suggestions, feedback.

Mathew Carley @mgcarley

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